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Kose Kikuchi sax mouth piece reface page

Sax mouth piece reface 

sax maintenance consultant

 Kose Kikuchi

★I will make your

sax mouth piece to

good condition.

Please read the voice

of Kose' s mouth piece

custmmers .

From April 2018

I started to work as sax mouth piece


sax mouth piece will get damage in long time use.

It will work only from 2 to 10 years.

Because to play sax means to hit the facing by

hammer the mouth piece 200 or 1,000 times in

one seconds.

facing means the shape of the curve your read will start

to open. from the table.

After heavy use of mouth piece facing will change

to bad condition.

To shave the fasing to good condition is called reface.

It is needed much experience and high technology of course.

Kose Kikuchi is playing sax in 40 years

played any type of music,jazz rock pops Enka etc.

Kose Kikuchi bio

I know the sound needed in any situation.

In 30 years I continued to study reface the mouth piece

for myself.

Recently I found I have got the enough level I can shave

and reface for anyone who want their sax mouth piece into

good condition.

Please send me your mouth piece in your drawer.

I will meke it in good condition same as brand new or better.

hear the cusmmer's voice

Custommer's voice

Satomi Takahashi(proffessional sax player)(Tokyo)
Otto Link Rubber Alto

I played confortbly in no problem
For high notes also.
Thank you very much.

★Susumu Suzuki(sax player)

After I got refaced mouth piece,Quickly I tested.
The result was goog same as I wanted.
Thanks again.I can chage the reed more strong..
Fron low note to hig note the sound is more fat.
It is my main one now.

★Hiroshi oota(proffessional sax player)

He came from Nagano pref.

Selmer metal Alto
Selmer Rubber sooprano


Mayer Metal Alto
Yanagisawa metal Alto

It was so wide Kose made it narrow.
I feel confortable. Thank you.

★Tomohiro Sasaki(Hakodate Hokkaidou)
Dave gardella mettal tenor
I really suprised so big chage,It souds better.
Thank you so much.
Very easy to play low notes and subtone.
It is my main mouth piece

Kose refaced these OttoLink 9,10,11,Gottsu(tenor)

Kose refaced these OttoLink 8,Vandren V16(tenor),Mayor 6(Alto)

All in good condition.

Send to me 1 or 2 weeks,
After reface your mouth piese
I wiil send you back

Any question mail me.

Offer Kose's mouth piece reface

How to send your mouth piece

No cap no rigature,only your mouth piece

is needed,

Offer and payment

081-70-5468-5035 Kose kikuchi English OK.

You can pay by your card.

At first pay the fee below.
Next send me the form.
At last send me your mouth
piece to Japan by EMS.

After 2,3 weeks I will send
you back.

1.Your aria mouth piece reface price
includes shipment fee


2.Oceania North America,
Central America and
the Near and Middle East
3.Europe, South America
Check your cart

Offer Kose's mouth piece reface

Please send me any queation for

Tell me what you want to your
mouth piece.

★I want sound good or more fat?★Make it wide

★Make it narrow★Long facing

★Short facing・・etc

Call me +8170-5468-5035

Kose kikuchi

Send here

Zip 146-0083 
Kose Kikuchi
2-27-3 Nakamura Mansion502
Chidori Otaku Tokyo Japan

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